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Our History

Van Matre "U Do It" Lumber Co.

Van Matre Lumber Co., Inc. was established in 1989 by brothers Brett and Kirk Van Matre. With their dedication to quality, service, and integrity, Van Matre Lumber Co. is now considered a leading supplier of wood products across various markets.

Long before Brett and Kirk were born, their grandfather,  V. A. Van Matre, and father, William "Bill Jr." Van Matre, worked in the same industry. Van started in the lumber industry in 1920, where he worked until 1936. At that time, he and Lawrence Manning founded the Van Matre-Manning Lumber Co. in Downey, CA. Bill Jr. went off on his own in 1952, expanding with multiple yards throughout Southern California. Unfortunately, Bill Jr. passed away in 1962, at which point the company was shuttered.

When Brett and Kirk realized they had sawdust running through their blood, they opened Van Matre Lumber Co., Inc. twenty-seven years after their Grandfather once supplied the industry. There are now two California locations that provide lumber to customers in the Western United States.

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